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Customer stories

Ben Rijksen (61)

‘When I tell people I wear orthopaedic shoes, they simply don’t believe me. My shoes look as if they were bought in a high-street store. I’m so happy with my black Looxz shoes, I even ordered a second pair, only in cognac brown!’

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Lies van der Roest (63)

‘Orthopaedic shoes used to look big and bulky, but now I have modern-looking ones with zippers on either side and fake laces.’

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Marian Leonhardt (72)

‘I may be 72 years old, but looks still matter. I’ve always wanted modern-looking orthopaedic shoes and now I’ve found them. I love my shoes so much that I even ordered an second pair of the same shoes from Looxz.’

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Orthopedic shoes that make you happy

With Looxz, your Looxz, you can move freely through life. Looxz shoes: high-quality shoes that fit perfectly. We have a changing collection for women, men and kids. Do your feet require some extra attention?

Then we’ll make you a custom pair, via one of our partners. With Looxz we pay attention to what you really want: Shoes that will make you feel good and shoes that fit perfectly.