900 affiliated footwear specialists attractive and functional different styles


Order process

It takes approximately 4 weeks before we deliver the shoes.


We have a range of different collections for men, women and children.
Every Looxz shoe is one of a kind. You can choose a style to suit your own tastes with a specific fastening, material and colour, but your shoe is always custom-made for you.


Our specialist partners can measure your feet. Check our store locator to find a partner near you.
No, Looxz shoes are only available through affiliated orthopaedic specialists. You can find an overview of all these specialists in our store locator.


It depends on the shoe type, collection and functional modifications. You can find what kind of fastenings are available on the product page for the shoe you wish to choose.
For each model we have 4 different colours you can choose from. The colours are listed on the product page for specific models. You can find the colours available there.
We manufacture your shoes in the Philippines and in Portugal. In the Philippines, we have around 500 employees who specialise in making orthopaedic shoes. Our production plant in Portugal was established in 2019 and has around 30 specialised employees.